Empowering Local Innovators – June 24, 2015

On June 24, IDIN’s Network Coordinator Jona Repishti and Network member Emma Ocesem held Innovating for Good, a monthly Google Hangout series hosted by UNHCR Innovation and +SocialGood that’s meant to spark conversations on innovation in the humanitarian sector.

The Google Hangout, which will also be joined by UNHCR’s Keiko Odashiro and Chris Earney, will answer questions about empowering local innovators such as“Why is it important to empower local communities to innovate for themselves?”  and “How do ensure the sustainability of local innovation to create lasting change? 

This type of topic is important for anyone in the innovation community, including myself as someone interested in how patents and intellectual property intersect with innovation. Here are a few live Tweets I did during the event.

tweet1tweet2 tweet3 tweet4tweet5 tweet6tweet7 tweet8

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