Evolving in the Data Ecosystem – Embrace the Data Deluge

datadeluge-092215Andrew Coote, Louis Abate and many others talk about the technological and human effects of the data deluge. Living in what’s been called a “data ecosystem” and “data deluge” means we feel like we’re constantly drowning in not just the number of tools for analyzing data (the ‘ecosystem’) but in the amount of data itself (the ‘deluge’). And there’s good reason for our feelings. Recent studies have shown that the internet has almost 8 zettabytes of data. That’s about 250 billion DVDs worth of data, or about 50 billion more than the number of stars scientists estimate to be in the Milky Way.

I have found quite a bit of research related to the technical tools used to handle this “data deluge”1 but not as much on how this shift in the data ecosystem affects our emotions. Even a self-professed data geek like me can feel skeptical as to what the data is really telling us and what it is not. I think a healthy dose of questioning can lead to better asking better questions of the data and to improved data analysis. But what exactly is a “healthy dose” of skepticism?

  1. Cisco Visual Networking Index Global IP Traffic Forecast and Service Adoption, 2013-2018 and TechTerms.com

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