An Intellectual Property Christmas, Part 2


In last week’s blog I took a look at some of the patent data for Christmas food patents. In all fairness to the ‘other side of the IP’ house, I want to discuss trademarks related to the holiday this week. I found a great blog with fun trademarks by Erik Pelton. But why stop there, I mean – I love discovering new data so I’ll try doing a search on the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s (USPTO) website. Their website is the authoritative source of U.S. intellectual property (e.g.- patents and trademarks) data.

The Trademark Electronic Search System allows you to search words or designs with Boolean logic (and, or, not) and multiple fields at the same time. The way to search is a bit different than a basic Google search because what fun would there be if intellectual property wasn’t a bit of a challenge?


If you’re not familiar with all the trademark codes in the table, don’t worry. You can click on any of them to get a more detailed description with an example of how to do a search. Just from glancing over the descriptions, I chose the “Basic Index” to do a search *CHRISTMAS*[BI]. This search should return all results with the word Christmas anywhere in the trademark. My search gave me just over 2000 results, listed in descending serial number.

The results are only listed 100 per page. It’s not super obvious, but you scroll to the bottom of the results and click on the “Next List” button to get the next page of results.


Here are three trademarks from my search results that have images. Let me know if you have any favorite Christmas trademarks.




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