Back from JupyterCon


Last Wednesday, 21 August 2017, I had the privilege with a fellow Indiana data science graduate student, Majid Khorrami, to present some of our graduate research at the inaugural JupyterCon in New York City. I joined thousands of people interested in learning how to do fun and amazing data science topics using the Project Jupyter tools.

The conference was definitely more technical than the Food Security Conference I talked about earlier in June of 2017.  I was elated to co-present our research on machine learning to predict foreign economic aid at the Bloomberg poster session after a great day of hands-on tutorials from some of my heroes in the Data Science world like Andie Muller who I ate lunch with and Aaron Kramer. We received a lot of great questions and suggestions from attendees which was very encouraging.

Since this was the first time presenting a poster at a conference, it was a little intimidating and fun at the same time. It was nice to soak in all the energy in a room full of people smarter than me. Our topic was related to using data science principles in a non-traditional domain as international development and it was fun to stand out in this way.

I had to leave the conference early after the keynote sessions Thursday to get back to my full-time job but I was so grateful for the support from Dr. David Wild at Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing. I learned so much about this field and was energized at the potential of Big Data within some of the research I heard about at the conference.

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